Meeting was held on improving data collection, storing, and sharing of beneficiaries

Sat, Jan 09 2021 8:59 AM


The Ministry for Refugee Affairs held a meeting to improve the data collection, sharing, and protection with its international partners and relevant Afghan authorities on 06 January 2021.

Wafiullah Kakar, Deputy Minister for Refugee Affairs, said that all cooperation partners shall jointly work on designing a standard operating procedure (SOP) considering the Afghan constitution while taking into account the needs of the relevant ministries and the considerations of the Afghan government and national and international NGOs.

He underlined this SOP as "important and valuable" for making the distribution process of humanitarian aid to the displaced people more transparent and further accountable.

Deputy Minister Kakar chaired the meeting. Representatives from the Ministry of Economy, National Security Council, Administration Office of the President, Attorney General, International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Danish Refugee Council (DRC), and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) attended this gathering.

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