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Thu, Sep 24 2020 11:35 AM
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At Least 40 Thousand Families Received Assists Across the Country

Within last month (22th of August_20 of September) at least 43 thousand and 594 families were received humanitarian assists in 25 provinces.

The assists which includes some food and. . .

Thu, Sep 24 2020 8:32 AM
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Mr. Akhlaqi meet Deputy Ambassador of Germany in Kabul

On Wednesday. 23th of September, Both, the acting minister of refugees and repatriations and the deputy to the ambassador of Germane in Kabul stressed on more coaction and efforts for. . .

Wed, Sep 23 2020 11:11 AM
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More than Eight Thousand Afghan Refugees Have Returned from Iran Within one month

Since (22th of August_20 of September), at least 81 thousand and 566 individuals have crossed the Islam Qala and Milak, the two borders between Afghanistan and Iran. Most of them have. . .

Thu, Sep 17 2020 9:50 AM
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The Country Director of UNHCR Meet the Acting Minister of MoRR

ON Wednesday, 16th of September, in an introduction appointment with Mr. Noor Rahman Akhlaqi the Acting Minister of Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation the country director of united. . .

Tue, Sep 15 2020 1:34 PM
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The Acting Minister of Refugees and Refugees Introduced

On Monday, 14th of September, the vice president Mr. Amrullah Saleh introduced Mr. Noor Rahman Akhlaqi as acting minister for ministry of Refugee and Repatriation (MoRR).

While speech,. . .

Sat, Aug 29 2020 9:03 AM
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Voluntarily Return After Peace; MoRR Planning for Sustainable Integration of Returnees  

On Thursday, August 27th, via a video conference with the director of migration department of United States Embassy in Afghanistan (USEA), the minister of refugee and repatriation have. . .

Sun, Aug 16 2020 3:50 PM
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More Than 60 Thousand Migrants Have Returned From Iran Within Last Month

At least 63 thousand and 59 refugees have returned from Iran to Afghanistan since 14th of July up to 14th of August. The returnees have interred from two borders between Afghanistan and. . .

Wed, Mar 04 2020 1:27 PM
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The Deputy Minister of Refugee Affairs and Ambassador of Turkey Discussed on Immigrants Recent Issues

On Tuesday, Hoot 13th, the deputy minister of refugee affairs. Dr. Alema and Turkey’s ambassador Mr. Ozan Ortoghrol discussed on Afghan refugees and recent issues in Turkey. Their. . .