Result of Practical Research in late 2012 –Present Regarding the Statistic of Afghan Migration Shared with Medias

Mon, Jun 24 2019 1:01 PM

                    On Sunday June 23, 2019 Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhy Minister of RR and Loarance Hart Chief of IOM in Afghanistan in a meeting have shared the result of practical research of statistic of refugees with media

On Sunday minister of RR has stated in government media and information center that this statistic has gained in result of interview with 64thousand and 186 people over the Afghanistan which can help the ministry of RR and stockholders in order to needful of displaced and returnees people.

Because with a certain statistic of displacement and refugees the projects can implement their programs in a transparency for needful families.

“This research has done over in 34 provinces and 390 districts and 11443 villages which in the base of that since 2012 up to the end of 2018 about 2291584 people have been gone out of country and have returned about 3225380 people have been come to the country and as well as internal displaced people reach to 3957614 people” said minister of RR.

 By saying of minister of RR more number of Afghan returnees shows enthusiasm that they want to live in their own country by peace stability the Afghan refugees would come to their country.

Chief of IOM in Afghanistan named evaluation of movement in Afghanistan chasing of displacement that we can do with this evaluation regarding the exact stimulate of population location and dividing of displacement people, returnees, refugees, Asylums, Kouchiha, border groups and as well as worker inside and out the country.

The chasing system which run by IOM empower the ministry of RR and stockholders till for contribution to deserved people and did exact priority.