Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Visits with Governor of Takhar Province

Sat, Aug 03 2019 3:24 PM


                      On Wednesday July 31/2019 of the current year minister of RR visited with Abdul Haq Shafaq governor of Takhar Province in the base of the ministry and discussed regarding the conditional of internal displaced people IDPs of Takhar province.

Abdulhq Shafaq Takhar’s governor first mentioned the problems of IDPs of Takhar province and said ( Takhar province had 7600 displaced people which 70% of them had already surveyed and 30% of them will be surveyed) governor of Takhar added that internal displaced people faced with shelter and food items and the assistance of MoRR is not enough for them to pay attention more about that.

Sayed Hussain Alime Balkhy minister of RR after the listening of the report of the condition of IDPs of Takhar province has promised that he will consider to displaced people of this province.

Minister of RR constructed to make a program regarding the IDPs as well as promised to create a warehouse of assistance for IDPs.

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