More than Eight Thousand Afghan Refugees Have Returned from Iran Within one month

Wed, Sep 23 2020 11:11 AM

Since (22th of August_20 of September), at least 81 thousand and 566 individuals have crossed the Islam Qala and Milak, the two borders between Afghanistan and Iran. Most of them have returned voluntarily.

Based on ministry of refugees and repatriation’s departments reports in mentioned borders, about 31 thousand and 399 returnees through Milak, 50 thousand and 227 individuals through Islam Qala have entered in the country.

Furthermore, 39 thousand and 496 refugees deported, 41068 other have come returned voluntarily. Meanwhile, 58 individuals have their refugee cards.

 Meanwhile, the world food program and international organization for migrants assisted 2 thousand and 537 returnees in milak.

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Sat, Oct 09 2021 5:07 PM
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د کابل ازادۍ پارک څخه پنځه ولايتونو ته ډېر بېځایه شویو کورنۍ خپلو اصلي مېنو ته ستنې شوې

۱۴۰۰کال، تلې، ۱۶مه، کابل؛ افغانستان

د کابل آزادۍ پارک څخه (۲۰۰) بې ځايه شوې کورنۍ په خپله خوښه ستنېدنې برنامې له لارې خپلو اصلي مېنو ته ستنې.

د دغو کورنيو د انتقال پر مهال د کابل د. . .

Mon, Jun 14 2021 2:08 PM
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Civil society organizations in Sweden called for return stop of Afghan migrants

In a virtual conversation with Wafiullah Kakar, Deputy Minister for Refugee Affair, a number of civil society and humanitarian organizations in Sweden called for finding a solution to. . .

Wed, Jun 09 2021 12:15 PM
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Deputy Minister Kakar exchanged with Belgian Ambassador

Wafiullah Kakar, Deputy Minister for Refugee Affairs, met with Belgian Ambassador Mr. Philippe Bronchain on 08 June 2021.

Both sides valued the partnerships between Afghanistan and. . .