Two Memorandum of Understanding Signed in order to consideration of Internal Displaced people

Wed, Jul 17 2019 11:19 AM

                       On Monday July 15, 2019 ministry of RR and Institution of Refah have signed two memorandum of understanding for Afghanistan development in order to distribution the urgent assistance in support of better live of displaced and returned people.

These memorandums of understanding signed yesterday in the base of ministry by Mehre Khoada Sabar acting deputy minister of planning and policy of RR and delegation of the mentioned institution.

The over-all cost of this memorandum of understanding is about 20 million Afghanis and donate by the UNHCR   

The mentioned institution in the base of memorandum of understanding will distribute for 300 people who are more vulnerable in Nangarhar, Laghman and Nooristan provinces and support 50 displaced families in order to better live and employment for them.

The aim of signing of this memorandum of understanding responding to urgent needful people and support of the women who are in risk by contribution of device of income in order to livelihood.

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