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وزارت امور مهاجرین و عودت کنندگان_کابل_افغانستان



Senior Communications and Reporting Officer

Period of Performance On/About (From – To)

January, 2021

December, 2021

Base of Operations

Kabul, Afghanistan

position reports to

Planning and Policy Director and Communications Director of MoRR


  1. Project Background:


Under the Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) UNHCR and MoRR cooperation arrangements in 2019 to provide humanitarian assistance and access to services to Afghan returnees in areas of return, conflict-induced IDPs in places of displacement, and support to refugees and asylum seekers, in line with the DiREC framework and its Action Plan as well as other relevant national policies, and the Government of Afghanistan’s international legal obligations. The project further enhances the mutual cooperation between the two entities to achieve protection outcomes and concrete results that will promote the rights of persons of concern to UNHCR and affected communities, without discrimination. 


  1. Purpose:

The Communications and Reporting Specialist will work with the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation under the contract of UNHCR to provide a broad range of communications and outreach support to the Ministry. The Communications and Reporting specialist will also provide support to the outreach and enriching the website and social media of Ministry in order to increase ripple effect.


  1. Objectives and Duties
  • Developing narrative report of the PPA to UNHCR based on field and activities report
  • Compile and edit weekly, quarterly, annual and ad-hoc reports about the progress of projects.
  • Regular production of materials regarding project progress such as success stories, presentations and two-page briefs, in collaboration with UNHCR and MoRR.
  • Document and disseminate success stories, inaugural sessions, closings and demonstration of projects on successful reintegration.
  • Provide up to date content for the website, Facebook, Manage and implement of publishing activities for ministry.
  • Manage and organize press conferences and meetings on regular basis.
  • Support relevant project team in preparing monthly project progress report in local as well as in English languages.
  • When appropriate, oversee the production of radio/ TV materials and other outreach materials for broadcasting.
  • Coordinate with national and independent media (newspapers, radios, TVs) to broadcast Skills development related news and achievements.
  • Supporting directorate of policy and planning on developing policies, strategies, concept papers and coordination with stakeholders
  • Taking part to developing development projects plan
  • Provide technical support to policy and planning team


  1. Qualifications
  • Experience on compiling and editing newsletters and success stories.
  • Familiarity with regular compilation of inputs for the Facebook of ministry.
  • Bachelor’s in Journalism, computer science, English Literature, International Studies, Business administration, public administration, or other relevant field, Master’s preferred.
  • Proficiency in local and English language.
  • Bachelor with 5 years of relevant experience working with governments, private sector, or donor projects.
  • متقاضیان محترم واجد شرایط از تاریخ نشر اعلان، می توانند لایحه وظایف بست متذکره را از سایت وزارت بدست آورده و اسناد سوابق خویشرا به ایمیل آدرس  الی 31جوزا 1400 ارسال نمایند.
  • دانلود فورم درخواستی کارکنان خدمات ملکی



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