Proposed Personnel Ministry of Refugees and repatriation (MORR)

Sun, Jun 27 2021 3:08 PM

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Proposed Personnel

Ministry of Refugees and repatriation (MORR)


Displacement Solution Officer

Period of Performance On/About (From – To)

, 2021

December, 2021

Base of Operations

Kabul, Afghanistan

position reports to

Directorate of IDPs


  1. Project Background:


Under the Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) UNHCR and MoRR cooperation arrangements in 2021 to provide humanitarian assistance and access to services to Afghan returnees in areas of return, conflict-induced IDPs in places of displacement, and support to refugees and asylum seekers, in line with the National Policy of IDPs and DRSWS framework  as well as other relevant national policies, and the Government of Afghanistan’s international legal obligations. The project further enhances the mutual cooperation between the two entities to achieve protection outcomes and concrete results that will promote the rights of persons of concern to UNHCR and affected communities, without discrimination. 


  1. Purpose:

The Displacement Solution Officer will work with Directorate of IDPs, under the contract of UNHCR while aiming to provide the comprehensive support and facilitation during the Displacement Solution, in loop with the IDP priorities, DRSWS/ NFI -cluster that extends the service delivery and increasing socio-economic status to internal displaced people.



  1. Objectives and Duties
  • Facilitation during developing of monthly, quarterly and annual plans, aiming to achieve MoRR’s Displacement solution for IDPs. 
  • Facilitation during organizing and follow up of key consideration of  DREWS and NFI cluster.
  • Coordination and linking of Displacement solution committee and NFI cluster  in Kabul and provincial level.
  • Facilitation during developing coordination with stakeholders along with international partners,
  • Assessment and analysis of provincial data  based on the national policy for Displacement solution.
  • Develop and support winterization strategy to annually .
  • Facilitation and improvement of coordination mechanism with stakeholders along with international partners for implementation of project for Displacement solution.
  • Site visit IDPS comp for solution to displacement challenge .
  • Close coordination with DoRR for displacement solution.
  • Facilitation for strengthening and solution  linkages with Ministry of Urban and Development and local government for the solution of shelter and vocational programs for IPDs .
  • Based on the national policy, coordination with relevant national and International stakeholders for increasing volunteer repatriation of IDPs and their permanent settlement.  
  • Conduction of regular on the job training and formal training programs to the civil servants.
  • Institutional building of MoRR existing and planned programs that could be directly or indirectly supporting internal displaced and solution of challenges
  • Identify priority activities and assignments; adjust priorities as required;


  1. Qualifications
  • At least Bachelor’s Degree in Development/Humanitarian Studies, Economics, Social sciences, Political Science, or any related field from a recognized institution,
  • With 5 years of experience in the development/ coordination field or in other closely related fields.
  • متقاضیان محترم واجد شرایط از تاریخ نشر اعلان، می توانند لایحه وظایف بست متذکره را از سایت وزارت بدست آورده و اسناد سوابق خویشرا به ایمیل آدرس  الی 15سرطان ۱۴۰۰ ارسال نمایند.
  • دانلود فورم درخواستی کارکنان خدمات ملکی



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