Deputy minister of Refugees and Repatriation (RR) Traveled to Turkish

Thu, Jul 04 2019 8:35 AM
داکتر صاحب عالمه

On Tuesday July 2, 2019 Dr. Alema deputy minister of RR traveled to Turkish in order to participate in creation of consultative migration mechanism, smuggling of human and smuggling of refugees. 
Deputy minister of RR named the poverty, unemployment is the principle factors of Afghan migration. Smuggling of human is a sensible crime which organized by international organization. 
Afghanistan government by recognition of its responsibilities effort for legally travel for afghan citizen till prevent the illegally migration by memorandum of understanding with friend countries. 
Dr. Alema mentioned that the law of conflict on human smuggling and refugee’s smuggling has been influenced in 2017 and it is implementable which the security section now can be more activate in human smuggling now they can capture the criminal and submit them to judiciary organs. 
Ministry of RR” society migration policy for Afghanistan” meanwhile, to do something in migration field be focused deeply on organized migration and illegally migration. 
Regarding the prevention of illegal migration tack the comprehensive plan which briefly mentioning principal point of that as a practical policy 
ـEvaluation and find the way smuggling of migration (SOM) in Afghanistan 
Evaluation and find the way of human smuggling in Afghanistan 
Collective and sharing of information among all of stockholders in combating of human smuggling 
Cultivation of practical and standard method of stockholders in SOM and smuggling of human.
Increasing of capacity of stockholders in combating on SOM and smuggling of human
Creation of campaigning giving information on SOM and smuggling of human 
Public awareness which has done on smuggling of refugees and smuggling of human for implementation of govt message and empower of law
Increasing of border political security, doing something to stop the illegally method of migration.
Collaboration among of law maker organs of Afghanistan and transition countries in order to change the information regarding the migration.
Increasing of searching capacity validation of law via the special training by international stockholders.
Bilateral cooperation with Iran and Pakistan in order returning of illegal afghan refugees 
Creation of new mechanism for recognition of active and vulnerable new habitation.
We trust that the smuggling of refugees has national, regional and international aspects and conflict on that is not effective in national area, must emphasize for regional and international cooperation the smuggling of human as a kind of humanitarian crime.
Deputy minister of RR added: government of Afghanistan is committed on a clear implementation politics with human right convention. 
In the base of manual report of ministry of foreign affairs of America in 2018 regarding the combating of smuggling of human and smuggling of refugees Afghanistan came to better position which shows the good activities of Afghanistan in this issue.

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