The Deputy Minister of Refugee Affairs and Ambassador of Turkey Discussed on Immigrants Recent Issues

Wed, Mar 04 2020 1:27 PM
معین امور پناهندگان با سفیر ترکیه در افغانستان دیدار کرد

On Tuesday, Hoot 13th, the deputy minister of refugee affairs. Dr. Alema and Turkey’s ambassador Mr. Ozan Ortoghrol discussed on Afghan refugees and recent issues in Turkey. Their meeting was held on Dr. Alema’s office in Ministry of Refugee and Repatriations.

Due to opening of the borders for refugees to passage to Europe and also recent crises in turkey, Dr. Alema expressed her concern. “hope that the immigrants not used as a political weapon. This action is contrary to entire conventions of refugee’s affairs. the human dignity must be saved from offense.” Said Dr .Alema.

On the other hand, she informed about return of dozens afghan refugees which had come to Afghanistan on Monday, Hoot 12th. Dr. Alema asked the ambassador Ozan for giving a hand to refugees’ office staff to return items of immigrants which left in refugees’ camps.”

 Meanwhile, the deputy minister of refugee affairs emphasized the planes which are dropping the immigrants from Turkey in Afghanistan must not land at Mazar_e_shafir airport due to Coronavirus outbreak in mentioned province. She added, the returned immigrants landing in Mazaar airport are not receiving cash assistance dedicated to them base on agreements between European Union and international organization of immigrations.

Turkey opens the borders to Europe for immigrants to passage to Europe countries so it caused flood of immigrants on the borders. 

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