Biography of Deputy Minister of Administrative and Finance

Mr. Enginمعین مالی واداریeer Ahmad Wali Hakami was born in an intellectuals and religious family in 1962

in Nangarhar province, Mr. Hakami has completed his primary and secondary education

in Nangarhar High school and then went to Russia to study higher education. He continued

his higher education to master degree in the field of engineering in 1986; he graduated

from the polytechnic Institute of Belarus.

Mr. Hakami after completing education period, he worked with different institutions nationals and internationals organizations on various posts. From 2002 to 2006 as the Manager of UN Habitat in Nangarhar province, meanwhile he has been responsible for the technical and for EC-3 improvement of the program which has been serving the administration of concentrated settlement.

Mr. Hakami has completed various projects during his leadership and management in different areas such as, projects provincial wise, 1000 shelter projects, Water supply project in Kandahar City, upgrading of Informal various areas in Kabul, Management of design projects plus the manager of technical proposals and other tasks.

Engineer Ahmad wali Hakami in 2013 as director of planning and policy and was appointed Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and development which have long then promoted to the post of Head of Rural Rehabilitation and Development of Nangarhar province who served in the position till 2014.

 From 2010 to now, he has been working as a technical consultant of the ACI institute.

 Mr. Ahmad wali Hakami from of April 2010 to November 2013, as a General Directorate of Water supply and Irrigation in the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has been concentrated serving.

Engineer Ahmed Wali Hakami has got significant experience over the years serving in various departments in the work of the Council, creating technical plan, professional monitoring and evaluation, Specializes in technical matters, Implementation of design and engineering of the map area, Administration and management, Control of project accordance to the proposal, practical monitoring project and providing scientific lecture, Economical and technical.

The merit and experience Engineer Wali keeps with him, made President Karzai to appoint him

As a deputy minister of finance in Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.