Deputy Minister Kakar: "The return process from Turkey must be well organized and transparent."

سه‌شنبه ۱۳۹۹/۱۰/۲۳ - ۸:۳۸

Wafiullah Kakar, Deputy Minister of Refugee Affairs, stressed on the friendly and close relations between the two countries in a meeting with Mr. Ilker Türkbayrak, the Counselor of Internal Affairs of the Turkish Embassy in Kabul. He said that the return process of Afghan migrants from Turkey must become transparent and be well organized. Thus, a joint memorandum of understanding which regulates the repatriation process shall be signed soon.

Mr. Ilker Türkbayrak congratulated Mr. Kakar in his new capacity as deputy minister. He highlighted the long-standing friendship between both countries and that Afghan migrants enjoy a particular position in Turkey. In addition, Mr. Türkbayrak requested the resumption of return charter flights.

Mr. Kakar thanked the Republic of Turkey for its good treatment of Afghan migrants and refugees and replied that the Afghan government and the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations have no concerns with return charter flights and the repatriation of rejected asylum seekers. The only request of the Afghan side is that the return process must become regular and transparent.

Besides, Mr. Kakar announced that the Afghan government is currently working on a labor migration strategy to reduce the irregular and called on the Turkey side to assist Afghanistan's government in the endeavor, particularly within the Budapest Process.


تازه خبرونه

یکشنبه ۱۴۰۲/۳/۱۴ - ۱۳:۵۳
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د مهاجرينو چارو وزارت او (CAHPO) موسسې ترمنځ د همکاريو هوکړه ليک لاسليک شو

د مهاجرينو چارو وزارت او موسسه عمل اجمتاعي برای التيام فقر (CAHPO) ترمنځ  د غبرګولي په (۱۴) مه د همکاريو هوکړه ليک لاسليک شو.
د لاسليک شوي هوکړه ليک مالي لګښت (۶۸) زره او (۲۰۶) امريکايي. . .

شنبه ۱۴۰۲/۳/۱۳ - ۱۵:۴۷
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د غزني اندړو ولسوالۍ قومي مشرانو د مهاجرینو چارو له سرپرست وزیر سره ولیدل

د غزني ولایت اندړو ولسوالۍ یو شمېر قومي مشرانو د مهاجرینو او راستنېدونکو چارو وزارت له سرپرست وزیر الحاج خلیل الرحمان حقاني سره د هغه د کار په دفتر کې ناسته وکړه
په ناسته کې ددغه. . .

شنبه ۱۴۰۲/۳/۱۳ - ۱۱:۵۱
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د مهاجرينو چارو وزير  بيت الله شريف ته د تلوونکو افغان مهاجرينو سره  خبرې وکړې

د مهاجرينو او راستنېدونکو چارو وزير الحاج خليل الرحمن حقاني د هغو افغان مهاجرينو سره د وزارت د ناستو په تالار کې خبرې وکړې، چې د مهاجرينو چارو وزارت له لارې بېت الله شريف ته  تلوونکي دي. . .

بېرته خبرونه ته