During the month of April 2019, a total number of around 59417 Afghans returned to the country from Iran and Pakistan via Milak, Islam Qala, Spin Boldak and Toorkham borders. Also, 1025 Afghans have returned from European and other countries through Hamid Karzai International Airport. Part of these returnees were assisted by relevant agencies. Since the beginning of 2019, the total number of documented returnees from Iran and Pakistan has reached to 2687 persons and undocumented returnees to 158216 persons. Therefore, the total number of Afghan returnees from all countries has reached to 165529 persons since the beginning of 2019, from which a number of 87395 are forced returnees and the remaining 78134 persons returned voluntarily. The total number of returnees is 9830743 since 2002. Internally Displaced Persons: During the month of April 2019, around 53536 persons are internally displaced due to conflict and other reasons. Most of these IDPs are from Konar, Faryab, Helmand, Balkh, Farah, Badghis, Nangarhar, Kundoz and Takhar provinces.

During this period, 616 families have returned to their places of origin, and around 11187 families received emergency assistance from national and international organizations. The total number of internally displaced persons in 2019, has reached to 282282 persons, while 8281 persons have returned to their places of origin.

National and International Report’s Regarding the Returnees and Internal Displacement


During  2019 roughly Pakistan and Iran have been returned about 25561 people through the border of Milak, Islam Qala, Spin boldak and Torkham and about 1265 from European country and other countries via the Karzai International airport returned about 672 people which some of them are assisted by the stockholder’s organs.

Totally the documented returnees in 2019 from Iran and Pakistan about 182 people and undocumented people about 61151 people.

Totally the whole returnees from the world in 2019 reach to 63449 people which 32260 people forcibly deported and about 31189 people spontaneously returned to the country.

Total of the whole returnees since 2002 up to present reach to 9728663 people.

Internal Displaced

During Feb, 2019 about 26810 people have been left their original villages due to the war or some other facts that more of them are from Badghis, Helmand, Kunduz, Faryab, Balkh, Nooristan , Nangarhar, Sare pul and Kunarha during of this period 557 families have been returned to their original villages and about 8033 families are assisted by international compulsive organs.

Total of the whole internal displacement in 2019 reach to the 198065 people and about 3948 people have been returned to their original villages.