HE Wafiullah Kakar talked with the IRARA Office about return and reintegration assistance

Mon, Jan 04 2021 2:03 PM


Wafiullah Kakar, Deputy Minister of Refugee Affairs, attended an introductory meeting with the head of the International Return and Reintegration Assistance (IRARA) Office on 04 January 2021. Both sides exchanged views on how to improve the assistance to returnees and make their integration more sustainable.

The head of the IRARA Office outlined his proposals in job creation and distribution of humanitarian aid and requested the continuation of the cooperation within a framework such as a memorandum of understanding with the ministry.

Emphasizing the importance of international agencies' cooperation on the re-integration of returnees, HE Wafiullah Kakar called on the IRARA to work in areas where there are gaps and helping that all returnees are equally covered.


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