Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Demands United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to Have Close Coordination with MoRR 

Mon, Aug 05 2019 8:40 AM


                 On Sunday August 4, 2019 of the current year minister of RR demanded UNHCR in a meeting with Mrs. Croline director of UNHCR in Afghanistan regarding the priority in supplies issues to coordinate with minister of RR.

This meeting was held in attended of plan and policy director of legal and support of RR in the base of chief executive officer has discussed for coordination between two organs.

Minister of RR meanwhile, of mentioning of distributed assistances by government of Afghanistan is more affective and transparency than the institutions and stated, regarding the more transparency in supplies issues the UNHCR organs I demand from you to be coordinated and to be monitored.

He demands the UNHCR in priority of working in 2020 to be coordinated with MoRR till the deserved area for implementation of development program and contribution to be targeted.

He mentioned that MoRR has been working on community policy of migration in finalization of this policy along term management for managing of migration will be make which help the whole stockholders.

Director of UNHCR in Kabul thanked for designing of coordination of migration issues and said next year this organ with close coordination of MoRR and coordination among of these two organs.

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