Refugees Should Not Be Victims of Diplomatic and Security Issues of the Countries

Thu, May 30 2019 11:50 AM
داکتر عالمه

                  On Thursday May, 30, 2019 of the current year a session was held in the base of MoRR under the chairmanship of Dr.Alema deputy minister of Refugees in order to support the right of condemn of refugees and its management.

 There were participated delegation’s ministry of justice, General attorney, presidential administrative affairs and have discussed regarding the qualification and coordination in management and consideration to prisons of refugees in Pakistan, identification of crime guilty from security and reached to the diplomatic delegations.

“Creation of coordination among of national organs inside the country for support the right to prison refugees and sending them to Afghanistan named very important and should not be in the jail who has a small crime in must not be victim of diplomatic issues” says deputy minister of refugees of MoRR.

Refugee’s prisons should be identified those who has crime guilty and those should send with a legislative document to Afghanistan and increase the consideration of MoRR agency and diplomatic agency to Afghan prisons.

It is being awhile, ministry of justice has signed a settlement of sending the prisons to Afghanistan with Iran, Tajikistan, India, Uzbekistan and Turkish but with Pakistan did not exist any legislative document yet.

“In last two years 650 refugees people which were prisons all of them were condemn in crime nor in information crime or security” says representative of presidential administrative affairs.

In this session has compromised that in the base of evict of meeting demand from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan that in his travel to Pakistan talked regarding this issue and signed settlement between two countries and create a technical committee and working according to that document.

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