Biography of Minister

Private life:

Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi son of sayed Miragha was born in (Hamal month) year 1335 in Yeelaq village of Charkent district of Balkh province, and has got lessons of reading and writing learning with attendant Mullah Village.Minister

In year 1354  he marriage and the result of it is five sons and two daughters, he has traveled six terms to Hajj (home of Allah) and also traveled to Asian, European, African and American countries.

Scientific life:

Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi for the first time in year 1351 become engross in (sultania religion academic compass (zone) in mazar-e- sharief, then in charkent , after in academy of (Ayatollah Baherolaloom ) in mazar-e- sharief and become busy of training in part of Arab literature( surf and Nahw ((grammer))) , magic, oration, Islamic cosmology , jurisprudence, till first copy  of (kefayat Osool ) book. And become busy of training in that academy.

Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi summon for military  services in year 1357 , but with passing exam of Balkh province court academy he exempt from military services.

In year 1360 he went to Islamic republic of Iran and by passing of the first nimble 

Book of (kefayt osool ) for continuing of study accept in( Mashad Academic Zone) and after learning of second nimble book of(kefayt osool )and has been  continued training lessons of abroad jurisprudence , tenet, and on time in  some academic centers continue training lessons of Arab literature , jurisprudence, Islam history ,and  law matters , among basic law of Iran  for three years.

In year 1363 he went to Qom Academic Zone, and study lessons of abroad jurisprudence specialty in degree of PhD doctorate in rank of(Islamic government  juridical) to presence of Auotullah Ozma Hussein Ali Muntazere, and learn (external tenet)lessons to presence of Auotullah Ozma Mohammad Fazel langarani.

Balkhi in these years have activation   with Purpose of being active of Islamic academic centers inside the country among chart of (Islamic supervision council of religion academic) with other scholars of country.

Sign of Balki under name of (Afghanistan place of defiance against occupancy),

(Our way) and the book with name of (Afghanistan coalition council) on his pen and other writers, also book of (Ashorea in transfinite) and collections of two thousand topics with political, law, and behavior matters have been edit in press.

Alimi Balkhi has accurate study the past basic law of Afghanistan from 1301 till 1366 and criticism under name of (Afghanistan basic law historic recapture) which this sign has been published in Dari and English languages.

With nomination of Basic law commission he transferred (suggest plan of basic law) with 149 substances, 1382 ratification, and it occasion used of the commission, and also after the reification of the new basic law of Afghanistan, and comparing of it with past basic law  he has written  with rank of topics counted the weak and strong dots of it.

Political life:

Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi after coup of 7th Sauer 1357 start his  political battle for  defense of  religious importance’s and freedom of Afghanistan, and he was one of the catalyst of bazaars  strike of Mazar-e- sharief and northern cities of country against Tara key regime, and in year 1359 with total of cooperators based ( Islam immolate organization ).

Balkhi in year 1361 with morale unity with other four political organizations (Islam school of monotheism, spiritual and youth of Afghanistan, Islamic movement weak of Afghanistan, Islam immolate organization) organize (Islamic deploy revolt unity of Afghanistan) so that he was the central member of that, as cultural chairman he start issuance of (Sanger Magazine).

With the severity of internal war among of mujahidin, balkhi with big number of scholars and leaders of sheya party’s in year 1364 traveled to all of Sheya mujahidin deploy and brings peace in these deploys.

 Alimi Balkhi in year 1366 with other seven political organizations (Islamic coalition council of Afghanistan) organized ((Eight coalitions)) and chooses as spokesman and first chair man of this coalition.

Balkhi after organizing of (Afghanistan Islamic unity party) from the party’s member coalitions as central member of party had tasks of first secretary of political commission, and cultural department of this party out of the country.

In year 1371 with downfall of doctor Najeebullah state he came to Kabul and has been choose on behalf of party as assistant decision council, and cultural affairs chairman of (Afghanistan Islamic unity party).

With the starting of internal wars between jihadist parties, perform effort for prohibition of internal battle but he doesn’t become success and because of the internal battle between parties he left Kabul and went to out of the country.

In year 1373 in following of election between (Afghanistan Islamic unity party)came back to Kabul and choose as the first assistant of this party and with the divergence of(Afghanistan Islamic unity party) perform his duty as central  council chairman of one of the branch of (Afghanistan Islamic unity party).

In year 1373 Balkhi with organizing of (high leading council Islamic state of Afghanistan )choose as member of this council, and he was commerce minister  till downfall of Kabul in hand of   Taliban in year 1374.

In region of resistance he was member of leading council (Islamic unity deploy for rescue of Afghanistan) take responsibility of this deploy in Balkhab(Distict of Balkh province) and resistance till downfall of Taliban.

After explosion of world trade tower in America in 11 of September year 2001, balkhi was unfavorable of being of military foreign forces in Afghanistan and because of this he become out of the cabinet in bun session.

After transferring of authority to Hamid Karzi he was also one of the transferring person, and reopen the cultural, publisher and welfare organization of Rasool Akram (pbuh) Mafakher ( proud) which was based with cooperate of some cooperator in year1372 in Kabul.

Balkhi with cultural and training activities after emergency loya Gerga in year1381 start the second issuance region of (Nejat weekly) in Kabul and he is chief editor of it , in year 1384 he change (Nejat weekly)to daily news which it publishing is continuing till now and himself is the grantee of it.

Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi in year 1381 with number of elders and scholars  based ( Afghanistan sheya scholars council) and become busy as chairman of this council and also he is one of the member of ( Afghanistan scholars council) and one of the originator of (Islamic brotherly council).

Balkhi in  Islamic presidential election of Afghanistan  which held in18 of Mezan year 1383 candidate as  president assistant with the directorate of Mohammad Yonus Qanooni , and in this year with some of coordinator organized (Afghanistan modern party) and select as assistant of this party, also basis (National realization deploy).

Alimi balkhi in parliamentary election year 1384 (fifteenth term of national assembly) candidate from Kabul province and select as member by vote of Kabul people and from the starting of work has resign from being member of Afghanistan  new party .

Alimi balkhi in this term worked as chairman, and member of justice and magistrate, admin reform, and anticorruption commission, and as member of commission and resolute more international convention, laws from among of them (( state organize basic law, Afghanistan sheya character law, and international convention against admin corruption)) present it for national assembly, and also supervise from work of performance strength, and become introduce as a active and representative among of people.

 In parliamentary election year 1389 (sixteenth term of national assembly) candidate himself once again from Kabul and got vote more than first term, in this term was chairman of disable, martyrs and widow commission, in 15th of Mezan year 1392 resign from being member of national assembly and candidate as first vice-president of Mohammad Shafiq Gulagha Sherzai in presidential election in year 1393.

Sayed hussain Alimi balkhi nominee for ministry of refuges and repatriations  on behalf of national unity government to national assembly ,Balkhi with presentation of his plan and program for ministry of refuges and reparation got 134 vote from the representative of people and into ordinance number(57) of date 12/11/1393 presidential select as minister of refuges and repatriation.