Directorate fo Refugees and Repatriations of Paktia Province

Displaced Families Receive Cash Assistance in Paktia Province



Directorate of Refugees and Repatriation of Paktia province with cooperation of UNHCR has assisted cash assistance for 18 displaced families in paktia province.

These assistances did on Monday 29 October of the current year in capital of paktia province in Gardiz city which distributed 20500Af for every of the above family.

These assistance has been done to be attended of donor representative, DoRR representative and representative of governor.

The refugees and repatriation office in Paktia assist 102 displaced families in the province.

Based in the information which received from line mingier of DORR in Paktia, the mentioned families are belonging to Sayed karam and Dand patan districts which displaced due to insecurity.

He noted MORR with cooperation of   UNHCR has surveyed the families and distributed k kitchen stuff, gas balloon and many other basic