Directorate fo Refugees and Repatriations of Nangarhar Province


In Nangarhar Province 4000 Shelter will Build for Returnees

On Tuesday January 08, 2019 of the current year displacement and returnee’s executive committee (DIREC) under the chairmanship of Abdullah Abdullah chief executive officer in attended of national and international organs in Speedar palace was held the meeting concerning the better achievement and sustainable and good opportunity for returnees and internal displacement.

At the beginning Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhy minister of RR whilst of saying congratulation of the new year for international partnerships and mentioned the last problems and said: (in Qasim Abad refugee city of Nangarhar province 4000 accommodation numeral are under construction and it is ready to distribute for its deserved people, the deserved people should introduce by consortium, till to distribute for them.

Also they finalize the duty description of the consortium decree of (305) presidential regarding the distribution of the land to returnees and displacement mentioned and emphasized for anticipation and accomplished of transparency and justice of that, the fair monitoring mechanism is available to monitor from the consortium and more other fields.

Also the minister of RR has been reported from distribution of winter assistance one of them Herat province and said: in Herat province since 29 thousand deserved people have been recognized and among of them 18000 families have been biometric and daily by the cooperation of the stockholders have been working for achievement to displacement people in different places in this province.

He added that in this winter 84 thousand displaced families will receive assistance over the country.

Also at the end Dr. Abdullah Abdullah the chief executive officer of government speech and have praised the distribution of the shelters to the returnees in Nangarhar province it is a good example of practical action for the government of Afghanistan.

Also the chief executive officer(CEO) emphasized on cooperation and coordination of the international organs with ministry of RR.

Distribution of Winter Assistance Inaugurated for 900 Displaced Families in Nangarhar Province

Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhy minister of RR has inaugurated distribution of winter assistance in attended of governor of Nangarhar by distribution                         check list system.

These assistance which is 15000Af that totally amount of 13 Milionis Af is donated from the development budged of MoRR.

Minister of RR during the distribution of winter assistance has added that in continuous winter over the country about 83 thousands displaced families are going to be covered by the winter assistance that 12000 of them over the 14 provinces will be assisted by MoRR.

He added for more transparency and prevention of the corruption in distribution of the assistance after surveying and registration every deserved family found bank chick list and withdraw the assisted money from the bank.  

Also Hayatullah Hayat the governor of Nangarhar meanwhile, of appreciation from minister he wished from minister of MoRR these assistances to be sufficient for displaced people.

These assistance which was done on Sunday January 6, 2019 in Jalal Abad city, the deputy minister of finance and administration of MoRR and participated some of the central directors and regional responsible of this ministry and assigned military people of Nangarhar province.

132 displaced families receive Humanitarians Assistance in Nangarhar province

Directorate of RR with co-operation of international organs have distributed to 132 displaced family’s humanitarians package assistance.

These displaced families left their original village Acheen district because of insecure and have been forced to flee war, persecution and violence and staying Door baba district in this province.

These contributions done on Wednesday October 25, 2017 in Jalal Abad city for 26 displaced families distributed FIs by WFP, and for 100 displaced families did cash assistance by SCI and for 6 displaced families distributed cash assistance by UNHCR.

It is mentionable that every family received one month FIs by WFP and for every family 6000Af by SCI and for every family from 150$ US dolor distributed by UNHCR.


Also 76 Afghan refugees which returned from Pakistan every documented body has received 200$ US dolor by UNHCR.

399 Displaced Families Receive Assistance in Jalal Abad city Nangarhar province

On Tuesday October 24, 2017, 399 displaced families received assistance behalf of DoRR of Nangarhar province and international organs.

These families displaced from Khogyany, Kot, Achen, Debala, Chparhar, and Pacheragam districts to secure place of this province.

This assistance, which has done in the based on DoRR of Nangarhar province to 175 families house equipment and one comp, by UNHCR, and to 100 families cash assistance by SCI, and to 124 families FIs by WFP.

It is mentionable to every of these families distributed chicken equipment blanket, 2 tarpaulins, and to 20families that had shelter problems, one comp by UNHCR and distributed cash assistance 6000Af by SCI and distributed FIs for one month by WFP.

Whilst, 75 Afghan refugee returned on Tuesday from Pakistan to the country through the Torkham border Nangarhar province distributed to every documented family 200$ by UNHCR.