Directorate fo Refugees and Repatriations of Parwan Province

350 displaced families receive Humanitarian assistance in Parwan province  

Directorate of refugee and repatriation of Parwan province with co-operation of directorate for combating natural disaster and directorate of rural rehabilitation and development assisted for 350 displaced families.

These contribution has been beginning since October 10, 2017 up to October 16, 2017 distributed ITFs and NITFs to 350 displaced families.

The mentioned families displaced because of the insecure condition from Fendaqastan, Sia gert district and Ghorband district to the Chahar rakar city parwan province.

For every of this family, distributed 50kg flour, 25kg rice, 10 letter oil, 4kg bean, 5kg sugar and one kg tea by directorate for combating natural disaster. For every of this family distributed NITFs such as 3 blanket, tarpaulin 2 basket of water, children suit, and one seat of chicken equipment by directorate of rural rehabilitation and development. The distribution has been starting since 10th October up to present.