Advisor of Social Affairs

Short biography of Social Affairs Advisor

The officer of Social Affairs was determined as the first post of this Ministry and was put under the presence of head Advisor in 1999. After implementing grade system, head consulate post canceled, and social affairs, councilor post 2 was added to the Ministry.

The main duties of Social Affairs Advisor

  • Attracting aid, from organization under government and international organization for refugees, and displaced.
  • Information about problems of Refugees and Refugees, and displaced to Minister.
  • Active member for assistance of Refugees and displaced.

Brief biography Advisor of Economic

Economic Advisor was determined in 2010 in Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.

Advisor will help in finance arrangement under the basis of department finance and administration as well as preparing rapid removing of Afghan Refugees from Iran and Pakistan to to commission the preparation of the strategic plan of the Ministry, as well as in the preparation of procedures for distribution of plots by the President of reintegration and about other issues central to the department's advice and opinion.