Directorate of Legal Supports'

Directorate of Legal protection

As the primary unit in the ministry, the legal protection directorates obligates to consider any types of legal claims made by Refugees, returnees and IDPs in the capital and within the provinces and it all relies on regulation of activities.  For example, the implementation of decree no. 297/13.03.1381 of president on volunteer and respected repatriation of Returnees, refugees and IDPs, additionally, the directorate has following obligations:

  • Support returnees and IDPs in case their lands are occupied or captured.
  • To consider complains of returnees, solving their disputes over the properties thorough special courts and reclaiming of their properties based on decree No. 89 of president. 
  • Exemption and decreasing taxes on assets and vehicles of families during their returning - (Decree no. 66/1367).
  • Referring returnees for re-recruitment in their ex employment administrations.
  • Referring and introducing returnees to human resource and employment department of MoLSD, who have obtained higher education and high qualifications in host countries, for employment and recruitment opportunities. 
  • Introduction and referral of returnees for continuation of their higher education to the ministry of Higher Education.
  • Introduction and formal referral of returned youths and children whose education are incomplete and intend to continue to their education, to the ministry of Education.
  • Reception, interview and meeting to the problems of returnees from European and neighboring countries at Kabul International Airport and Reception center at Pul – e – Charkhi which is according to decree No. 297 of president Karzai.
  • Assisting most vulnerable families in the frame of EVI projects in different areas like health treatment services, providing professional trainings, employment, cash assistance and other aids if be available.
  • Taking measures to ensure legal protection for refugees, returnees and IDPs in related administrations.
  • Taking measures for finding legal solutions for (Refugees, Returnees, IDPs) in related administrations in negotiation with Planning and International relations.
  • Taking measures to put in effect decree No. 297 of president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and control over the implementation of other legal doucuments related to (Refugees, returnees and IDPs in the capital and all over the country).
  • Taking some measures for strengthening Coordination with all National and International Organizations about related issues. 
  • Address to issues of asylum seekers and immigrants by negotiation with other administrations of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.