Minister of Refugees and Repatriation visited with new Ambassador of Netherland


In this visit which was held in the base the ministry of RR has discussed about the condition of Afghan refugees in host countries and condition of the internal displaced and returnees.

Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhy minister of RR with appointed that Afghanistan in last for decades is included of the most refugees in 70 countries over the world.

He thanked from Netherland new ambassador for hosting of the most refugees and toleration about forcibly deportation of them and has given information in 2018 that we had 21 spontaneously returnees and 14 forcibly people deported from Netherland to Afghanistan.

He has appointed that in the four last years about 3milion and 600 thousand had internal displaced people because of the war.

He guised that the condition of Afghanistan is not fair for returnees and asked the ambassador of Netherland to pay attention about the application of asylum seekers by attention of the security condition of Afghanistan.

Minister of RR added that Afghanistan has a lot of security problems even the capital of Afghanistan is not save.

By his mentioning, ministry of RR with collaboration of world bank, Union of Europe and international organization have been working for many program to create jobs for the returnees’.

The new ambassador of Netherlands’ in Afghanistan whilst of commitment of his country’ s to continuous the cooperation with Afghanistan in security and development field and he has given information that his country annually expenses 60 million Euro in development field and some of this cooperation will expense regarding employment for young people.