Distribution of Winter Assistance Inaugurated for 900 Displaced Families in Nangarhar Province

Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhy minister of RR has inaugurated distribution of winter assistance in attended of governor of Nangarhar by distribution                         check list system.

These assistance which is 15000Af that totally amount of 13 Milionis Af is donated from the development budged of MoRR.

Minister of RR during the distribution of winter assistance has added that in continuous winter over the country about 83 thousands displaced families are going to be covered by the winter assistance that 12000 of them over the 14 provinces will be assisted by MoRR.

He added for more transparency and prevention of the corruption in distribution of the assistance after surveying and registration every deserved family found bank chick list and withdraw the assisted money from the bank.  

Also Hayatullah Hayat the governor of Nangarhar meanwhile, of appreciation from minister he wished from minister of MoRR these assistances to be sufficient for displaced people.

These assistance which was done on Sunday January 6, 2019 in Jalal Abad city, the deputy minister of finance and administration of MoRR and participated some of the central directors and regional responsible of this ministry and assigned military people of Nangarhar province.