Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations and ministry of city construction discuss regarding the reintegration of the returnees

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Delegation of the house building and habitation of the ministry of city construction in order to share their ideas with ministry of RR in national program of calmative of that ministry regarding the reintegration of the refugees in country with Dr. Alima deputy minister of repatriation visit and discussed.

 this session which was held on Tuesday March 13, 2018 in the base of this ministry both sides as a host emphasized on integration of the returnees and displaced people, and do not care of their topic.

Staffs of ministry of city construction and calmative about the national program of the calmative which accommodating by that ministry, have given information at the present time the national strategic of calmative is going on and this strategic would end in next four months that has included the integration of returnees and displaced people.

Deputy of repatriation of ministry of RR asked from ministry of city construction do not separate the returnees from the other citizen of the country and city service and society service which the host area do not damage and to be useful for them.

She pointed to 62 refugee city over the country and 39 built city over the 29 provinces which the reintegration of the returnees in a far area from the city faced them with problems.