Afghan Minister of Refugees and repatriation, met with Australia Ambassador

In this meeting Sayed Husaain Alimi Balkhi appreciate the government and people of Australia due to kindly hosting of Afghan refugees in respective country.

He also stated that the ministry demands the Australia government to have more toleration in behave with Afghan refugees and do not deport them if not excepted, in such a complicated situations.

The minister also pointed that the MOU and agreement with Australia ratified in a very Different situation, than what we face today.

In another part of his speech Balkhi also told that the ministry wants to have a representative in the Australia for better communications, the suggestion which welcomed by Australia ambassador.

The Australian ambassador also reiterated in warm relations and his country cooperation with Afghanistan refugees, he pointed out that two countries can have discussions in the content of MOU next month in Kabul.

Related to Australia’s aid Andersan told his country give 8 million Daller for united nation fund in  2008 to spend for internal displaced in Afghanistan.