12975 Afghan Refugees Return Home last week

Last week 12975 tons afghan refugees voluntarily and forcibly returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan and Iran.

Based on statistic of border DoRR in this period 10744 refugees through the Milak border Nimroz province and 989 refugees through the torkham Nangarhar province and 194 returnees through the spenboldak border Qandahar province and 48 returnees through the Islam Qala Herat province have returned to the country.

These afghan refugees since July 29/ 2017 up to August 5/2017 returned through the Torkham, Milak, Islam Qala, and Spenboldak borders, among of them were documented and undocumented returnees.

To every documented returnees cash USD 200$ assisted by UNHCR and more than 90% returnees families USD cash 175 to 350$ include of transport service and in cost of 100$ dolor house equipment has assisted by IOM.