Minister of Refugees and Repatriation Emphasizes to Decrease Administrative Expenses, Monitoring and Coordination of Non-Government Organization (NGOs) by Government Organs

Tue, May 14 2019 9:54 AM

                On Monday May, 13,2019 Sayed Hussain Alime Balkhy Minister of MoRR in a visit with Mrs.Andorla Kalinar general director of humanitarian assistances of European Union which has been traveling to Afghanistan, emphasize to decrease administrative expenses, monitoring and coordination of NGOs by government organs.

General director of humanitarian assistances of European Union inhabitant in Kabul also was attended and discussed regarding the distribution of humanitarian assistance to the deserved families, management the procedure of assistance creation of transparency and coordination of NGOs with ministry of RR to decrease administrative expenses.

Minister of RR meanwhile, of appreciation of humanitarian assistances of European union to internal displaced families and returned families that ministry of RR last year for 1.5 million displaced people and returnees which most of the above assistance are assisted by European union.

He emphasized on coordination of NGOs and said: NGOs must be on the base of diplomatic of Afghanistan government, on the base of national policy of displacement, plan of expulsive condition and regulation of NGOs and should be coordinated with government of Afghanistan and monitoring by government.

It is our demand that assisted money should reach to deserved and needy people nor to be expenses of NGOs administrative.

Alemi Balkhy minister of RR in order to more transparency in distribution of assistances in a new mechanism and distribution of materials via the digitally system that by implementation of these programs will be complete transparency in distribution of assistance packages.

He added this ministry does not have sufficient budget for stability of reintegration of returnees, employment and urban.

European union Director of humanitarian assistance not reach to needful families in application system will be late, for follow up of continuing of contribution to returnees’ families named the problems of procedure demand the new system facilities.

He added by attention of coming changes in other countries in the current year parliament election of union Europe will be held we pay attention to Afghanistan and we are trying to increase the budget for Afghanistan.



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