In the Est of the country Signed a Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding for Consideration of More than a Hundredth Thousand Internal Displaced People IDPs

Wed, May 15 2019 12:28 PM

                                       On Wednesday May,15, 2019 ministry of RR and ARAA project has signed a memorandum of understanding for distribution of hygiene packages for displaced families in the east of the country.

Mehre Khoda Sabar deputy minister of policy and plan of MoRR on Wednesday May, 15, 2019 of the current year during signing of this memorandum of understanding named the objection of this memorandum of understanding survey and identified of internal displaced families in compulsive condition via the distribution of the hygiene packages.

In the base of this memorandum of understanding the mentioned institution during the current year is considering for 7099 displaced families in Herat province, 7016 displaced families in Ghor province, 4653 displaced families in Badghis and 6745 families in Farah province totally included 153 thousand and 78 people.

In the other part of this memorandum of understanding has mentioned which the named institution should be obey for rule and regulation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and should report quarterly and in the end of activities to the ministry of RR.



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