Statistic of 2018 of Afghan Refugees, Documented Refugees, Citizenship, Returnees, Displaced and Reintegrated

More than 5 million and 600000 

Total of Afghan Refugees and over the country 
2million and 185702 documented people and 2410 undocumented people

Documented and Undocumented Refugees in Pakistan  

2160000 are documented people but from above number 300 thousand of them are undocumented

Documented and Undocumented Afghan Refugees in Iran country

have been returned 7million and 169753 people

Returnees since 2001 up to April, 2018

housand families included of more than 1million and 333thousand people

Internal Displaced People (IDPs)

243thousand and 607 people 

Displaced Returnees

are 3265 people.

The number of documented and undocumented returnees from Europe and Arabic up to April 2018 

Refugees 115 people 

Statistic of Refugees from abroad to Afghanistan and displaced people of northern Waziristan 

The people who received Assistance 141 thousand 876 families Displaced people from northern, southern Waziristan and Pashtun khowa Khyber
11thousand and 78 families Waziristan Returnees   






داطلاعاتو واعامه اړیکو ریاست د عامه پوهاوې پروګرام